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A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

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A-dec NLZ and NLX nano Electric Motors. Seamless Integration. Increased Control.

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

Challenge: You're tired of reaching, twisting and turning simply because your electric handpieces aren't integrated into your delivery system.

Solution: A-dec NLZ and A-dec NLX nano electric motors.

The NLZ and NLX nano electric motors offer more responsive and capable solutions for your operatory. When coupled with the A-dec deluxe touchpad’s intuitive power display and programmable memory, you can fully integrate your delivery system and place your focus where you need it—on your patients.

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

The NLZ and NLX nano on the A-dec delivery system gives you clutter-free operatory with all-in-one access to:

  • Improve control, productivity and ease
  • Eliminate reaching, twisting and turning
  • Program the settings to match your preferences
  • Monitor speed and switch between forward and reverse

Exceptional feel with lasting durability.

Titanium is 30% lighter, yet more durable than stainless steel. It offers a natural tactile sense and exceptional usability. With applications ranging from high-speed gross reduction and low-speed precision finishing, to specialty functions such as endodontics, NLZ and NLX nano help you achieve greater precision and treat patients more efficiently.

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors

Reduce fatigue. Lightweight titanium’s balanced handling ensures optimal ergonomics.

Increase performance. Enjoy a full range of speed, with all the power you need.

Operate with precision and consistency. Program settings for activation, speed, torque and direction.

Do more in less time. Handpiece activates as you lift from the holder so you can view display as needed.

Reduce cleanup and extend product life. The motors are autoclavable, brushless and maintenance-free.

Light up the procedure. Built-in LED daylight-quality illumination gives you 32,000 lux for a clear view.

A‑dec|NSK dental handpiece electric motors
Model NLZ NLX nano
Applications General restorative, prophylaxis, endodontics General restorative, prophylaxis
A-dec Delivery System A-dec 500/A-dec 300/A-dec 200 A-dec 500/A-dec 300
Micromotor Controller* NLZ BA NLX BA
Micromotor & Tubing A-dec NLZ (factory) or
NSK NLZ (in-field installation)
A-dec nano (factory) or
NSK nano (in-field installation)
Contra-angle Compatibility E-Style E-Style
Motor Type Sensorless Brushless Micromotor Brushless Micromotor
Speed (Standard Mode) 100–40,000 min-1 100–40,000 min-1
Speed (Endo Mode) 100–5,000 min-1 --
Torque (Standard Mode) Max. 4.0 Ncm Max. 3.4 Ncm
Torque (Endo Mode) Max. 3.4 Ncm --
Weight 57g (micromotor only) 61g (micromotor only)
Light Daylight quality 5,000K, 94 CRI, 32,000 lux Daylight quality 5,000K, 94 CRI, 32,000 lux

*An electric motor controller is a required component of the A-dec delivery system, which is configured at the time of your A-dec purchase.